Curcumin for Dogs.


Do you have a question about natural therapy for your dog? I’ve been an integrative veterinarian for over 30 years, and  I would be honored to help you.  For a complimentary initial  consultation, please contact me below.

TRANSCEND– Curcumin for Dogs.

 Here’s What Your Friends Are Saying.

“Our older dog is just as energetic and experiences less joint pain using TRANSCEND as when he was using Rimadyl. TRANSCEND offers the same or better results  safely and without all the side effects.  Thanks for reaching out to us dog lovers!  Can you please direct me to where or how I can order another supply of the Transcend….”  Peggy, IN

“This stuff is wonderful! Rex is now 18 years old and still “motoring” around due to Transcend! I’ve spread the news to lots of people and hope this wonder grows and grows! Thank you!” —   Margaret, PA

“Hello, Kevin.  I just wanted to express my gratitude for developing and providing such a wonderful product.  I have two Belgian Shepherds–  Old age and arthritis was developing pretty quickly over the last couple years and I noticed they were really slowing down   After four weeks of Transcend, I have noticed a TREMENDOUS difference in their playfulness and overall attitude.  I HAVE YOUNG DOGS AGAIN!” —    Chad, TX


Here’s Why TRANSCEND Is 100% Guaranteed.  Period.




-Transcend has the HIGHEST BIOAVAILABILITY of any curcumin anywhere.  Scientifically proven.

-Advanced Curcumin and Boswellia, wrapped in a vegetarian capsule.

-Transcend fights cancer by…

      –Interfering with Tumor Cell Proliferation

      –Promoting Apoptosis, or Tumor Cell Suicide

      –Blocking Tumor Transformation

 -Transcend fights inflammation through mediator blockade

      -Significantly reduces Pain

      -Significantly reduces Allergies

      -Minimizes Inflammatory Bowel Disease

      –Inhibits Autoimmune Disease

      -Reduces liver inflammation and scarring

      -Minimizes Alzheimer’s Disease

      -Inhibits Diabetes and its complications.

-There are over 5000 scientific studies proving the benefits of curcumin in both humans and pets. 


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Curcumin for dogs
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Transcend Curcumin For Dogs