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Curcumin or Turmeric for Your Pet?

They’re not the same, and the difference matters to you both.  Turmeric is the actual spice, which is comprised of many different substances but ONLY 4-6% CURCUMIN, which is the ingredient renowned for its anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits.  If you buy unprocessed turmeric, you and your pet are receiving virtually NOTHING in the way of health benefits.   Search on the term “turmeric supplements” and see how many don’t tell you anything about their curcumin content.  If you buy one of these products, you are doing nothing but wasting your money and your hopes.  Caveat emptor.

But there is a simple way around this– look for purified curcumin products like TRANSCEND.   They cost more, and they are worth every penny if you are trying to improve your– or your pet’s– quality of life.  Or your quantity of life, for that matter.

Just look for supplements that specify they contain 95% curcumin, like TRANSCEND.  Most commonly, it will be listed as 95% pure C3 curcuminoids, which simply means that there is a purified mixture of the three active types of curcumin in that supplement.  

Your next concern will be maximizing the absorption of the curcumin in your supplement, and this has always been the dilemma.  So much of a dilemma, in fact, that when I as a veterinarian searched for a pet curcumin product I could trust… I couldn’t find one.  So we formulated our own, using both the latest science to increase its absorption and a second ingredient, Boswellia extract, to maximize its effectiveness.  


The result is TRANSCEND, the only curcumin product formulated exclusively for pets… and the only one that has the science to back it up.  We’d love to send some your way!!