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Learn Ten Ways Curcumin Helps Pets


To date, there are over 4000 studies showing the health benefits of curcumin.   Here’s where you learn ten ways curcumin helps pets like yours. 

But here’s the deal.  NOT ALL CURCUMIN IS CREATED EQUAL.   Do the research on purity, concentration, and bioavailability.  When you do, you’ll purchase TRANSCEND.

Why TRANSCEND?? Because you can give your pet one 250 mg capsule of TRANSCEND… or forty six (that’s 46) 250 mg capsules of standard curcumin.   And TRANSCEND also contains boswellia, another potent anti-inflammatory herb frequently found in human supplements.

  • TRANSCEND reduces the pain of arthritis
  • TRANSCEND reduces inflammation in damaged joints
  • TRANSCEND reduces the rate of tumor growth
  • TRANSCEND improves the symptoms of IBD
  • TRANSCEND protects liver function
  • TRANSCEND reduces the frequency of epileptic seizures
  • TRANSCEND improves spinal function in non-surgical disc disease
  • TRANSCEND reduces the severity of periodontal disease
  • TRANSCEND reduces the need for steroids and painkilling drugs
  • TRANSCEND reduces the severity and symptoms of allergies

…. without side effects.

Curcumin has long been known for its benefits to patients fighting pain, inflammation, and cancer.  But it has also been well known for its poor solubility in water, which means to you and me that it is not well absorbed from the GI tract.  Until now.  TRANSCEND incorporates a patented form of curcumin called CurcuWIN, which is 46x more absorbable than standard curcumin products.  What this means to you is that taking one 250 mg capsule of TRANSCEND is like taking 46 capsules of regular curcumin… or even more capsules of the whole turmeric root.

We’ve taken the benefits of CurcWIN one step farther by combining it with two other ingredients:  Boswellia, another potent herb known for its anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties, and Bioperine, a patented pepper derivative which prolongs the metabolism of curcumin.  These ingredients are wrapped in a vegetarian capsule… to benefit you and your pet.  Let’s get cracking.


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