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“Hello, Kevin.  I just wanted to express my gratitude for developing and providing such a wonderful product.  I have two Belgian Shepherds– Amadeus, the male, is now 13.  The female Mozart is now 12.  Old age and arthritis was developing pretty quickly over the last couple years and I noticed they were slowing down quite a bit.  I found your product and thought to give it a try.  After four weeks, I have noticed a TREMENDOUS difference in their playfulness and overall attitude.  I HAVE YOUNG DOGS AGAIN!!  I plan to keep them on Transcend for the rest of their lives!  Thanks so much for your research and product!!  Simply AWESOME!!”  CHAD, TX

“This stuff is wonderful! Rex is now 18 years old and still “motoring” around due to Transcend! I’ve spread the news to lots of people and hope this wonder grows and grows! Thank you!”– MARGARET, PA

“It has taken quite awhile for me to get back to u.  Because of that I have had plenty of time time to observe how regular use of Transcend has effected Rottie.  I’m very happy to be able to say that it has made a big difference in her comfort level. She gets it with 2000 mg of fish oil first thing after I wake up.  Only takes me 30-40 minutes to get ready to go so she doesn’t get the full hour you recommended before exercise but we just start slow.   I let her set the pace.  She had a couple of incidents of the phantom front end lameness shortly after I began regular use. ( within  a week or two). But they were not as bad as previously.   Hasn’t had one since.   Her general soreness has all but disappeared and she has definitely become more energetic.  I’m very pleased with her response to your product.”     JODY, KANSAS

“WOW.  Talk about customer service!!  You’re amazing.  I found you on the web, and obviously made the best choice!!  Mattie’s lameness is probably arthritis….. I’ll definitely keep you in the loop!!”    CYNTHIA, NM

“Thank you for your response.  No worries about this delay– I planned for an additional week of pills, which are having an EXCELLENT result!!  My little 17 year old Rex is acting like an 8 year old again!”   MARGARET, PA

“Wow!!  I am very appreciative of receiving the extra Transcend.  Thank You!!  I LOVE doing business with you!!”  GWEN, MT

“Am so glad I found your company and when I am not chaperoning 30 post-prom teens I will research your other suggestions….”  MELANIE, IL

“I wanted to share with you that our older dog is just as energetic and experiences less joint pain using the Transcend supplement as he was using Rimadyl.  I was always very uneasy providing Rimadyl knowing the possible side effects.  Transcend offers the same or better results (no flakey skin) safely and without all the toxins.
Thanks for reaching out to us dog lovers!
Can you please direct me to where or how I can order another supply of the Transcend….”  MAUREEN, TX