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I’m a veterinarian, and I have been in integrative practice for over 30 years.  This means that on a daily basis I see pets who are painful, sick, and sometimes dying from inflammatory diseases like cancer.  I lost my best friend, a Bernese Mountain Dog, to cancer.  And I’m tired of seeing pain and disease in the patients that I love.


“After 4 weeks of Transcend, I have noticed a TREMENDOUS difference in my old dogs’ playfulness and overall attitude. I have young dogs again! I plan to keep them on this for the rest of their lives! Thanks so much for your research and product! Simply AWESOME!! Chad, TX

“This stuff is wonderful! Rex is now 18 years old and still “motoring” around due to Transcend! I’ve spread the news to lots of people and hope this wonder grows and grows! Thank you!”– Margaret, PA

“Our older dog is just as energetic and experiences less joint pain using TRANSCEND as when he was using Rimadyl. TRANSCEND offers the same or better results  safely and without all the side effects.  Thanks for reaching out to us dog lovers!  Can you please direct me to where or how I can order another supply of the Transcend….”— Maureen, MT

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The more research I did beginning 8-10 years ago,  the more interested I became in the health benefits of curcumin. It is NOT a panacea or a guarantee of good health–so avoid anyone who tells you it is– but it HAS been proven to suppress pain, inflammation, and to kill cancer cells… NATURALLY.  

I take curcumin, my family takes curcumin, and each one of my pets takes curcumin.  Actually, we take TRANSCEND.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

When I researched curcumin, I learned that absorption– or actually a lack of absorption– from the GI tract was the single biggest obstacle to its health benefits.  And 8-10 years ago, there was no way around that.  But the succeeding years saw the development of liposomal curcumin like Meriva… then Theracurcumin…. and now CurcuWin.

CurcuWin is a patented form of purified 95% pure curcumin which is enmeshed in a highly-absorbable natural starch.  This means that CurcuWin achieves 45x higher blood levels than standard curcumin, and approximately 4x the blood levels of Meriva products  Here is one of the studies that proves it, and you should read it.  So I realized that CurcuWin was the perfect form of curcumin for my patients, my friends, and my family.

The next step was to understand that administering more than one pill to a pet can be a challenge.  So why not include another very potent natural pain- and inflammation-killer called Boswellia in the same capsule, thus offering my patients and family more comprehensive protection… in just one pill.  

And TRANSCEND was born.  

Do the research.  Find other supplements that contain 95% curcuminoids in a form that gives you over 45x better blood levels.  Then, from those, find all of the other supplements that contain potent Boswellia extract, and compare them all.  

You’ll find there aren’t any competitors… at any price.  That’s why we call it TRANSCEND.

As if proven science and years of veterinary knowledge weren’t enough for you, here’s our guarantee.  If you use TRANSCEND as directed and don’t see notable improvement in your pet’s quality of life within 30 days, we’ll refund your money.  In full.

We’d be honored to send TRANSCEND your way.  Join the hundreds of friends and pets who feel better and just may live longer.  NATURALLY!!

All the best, Kevin